Members of the association’s committee

Jordan Anastassov  (co-president and member ex officio)
Curator of the Roman Museum of Nyon

Eric Huysecom (co-president)
Delegate for the Rectorhip of Africa, Director of the “Laboratoire Archéologie et Peuplement de l’Afrique” (APA), Department of genetics and evolution of the University of Geneva (GENEV), Anthropology Unit

Pierre-Alain Savary (treasurer)

Caroline Briner (secretary)
Film director

Marie-Laure Widmer Baggiolini (member)
Film director

Véronique Dasen (member)
Professor in classical archaeology at the University of Fribourg

Véronique Rey-Vodoz (member)
Archaeologist, former curator of the Roman Museum of Nyon and president of the Association FIFAN

Christophe Goumand (director of the Festival and member ex officio)
Scientific assistant at the University of Geneva