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Organization : Roman Museum.
Director : Mr. Christophe Goumand.

The looting of archaeological sites: a problem at the centre of the 2011 Festival

Throughout the year the Roman Museum informs the public about the results of local archaeological research and raises awareness in its visitors of what is at stake in the conservation of the archaeological and historical heritage. The looting of archaeological sites strips the objects discovered of much of their scientific value and the testimony they provide by destroying the stratigraphic context in which they were found.  Illegal operations on sites of archaeological importance are one of the main dangers threatening the archaeological heritage everywhere in the world. This is a problem of which the public at large is barely conscious.

With the support of the Federal Office of Culture, the Festival helps to make the public aware of these threats, not only locally but by expanding the perspective to take in the world’s historical heritage. This is especially important now that Switzerland is making efforts to implement a strict policy to combat the effects of looting, after ratifying the UNESCO Convention of 1970 in 2003.

Awards were made to the best productions by a five-person jury from the worlds both of archaeology and the film. An audience award was also made.

We would like to thank all those who supported the Festival in their different capacities:

Nyon and the Service de la Culture, the Amis des Musées de Nyon, the Federal Office of Culture, the Cercle genevois d’archéologie, the Usine à gaz, the late Mr. P.-A. Bertola and the La Côte newspaper.

The jury


  • Véronique Dasen, Associate Professor of classical archaeology, University of Fribourg (Switzerland)


  • Romain Pigeaud, prehistorian, editor Errance publications, Paris (France)
  • Dominique Delporte, journalist, film-director specialising in archaeology, Tournai (Belgium)
  • Carole Lazio, media consultant specialising in film and archaeology, New York (United States)
  • Philippe Clivaz, Secretary-general, Visions du Réel, Nyon (Switzerland)